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Simply select your preferred day, time, and spa treatments to check availability and complete your appointment.  We                     look forward to welcoming you here at Healthy Alternatives Day Spa and wellness Center

               Body                                                                      Skin                                                       Wellness

treatment to relax your bocy and soul           rejuvenate and re-energize              bring balance into you life

Hot Stones Massage
​70 min - $80

Polished and heated healing stones, applied to the body with gentle strokes to provide a deep seated warmth, relaxation and feeling of well being, very relaxing and meditative.  It helps the flow of energy.

Deep Tissue Massage
​60 min - $75

A deeper, stronger and more invigorating massage; helps ease sore muscles and tired joints.

Swedish Massage
​60 min - $65

A relaxing massage, to ease knots in tense muscles and to alleviate aches and pains; effective for stress-related conditions.

Botox Injection*

Average cost  of Botox injection is $14 per unit. Per area is about $250-$350  (bilateral eyes/forehead/between eyes).  Each of these being one area.  It will depend on the degree of wrinkles.  


Derma Fillers*

Average cost of Derma Filler Injection is $600-$1200. This injection last 2 years and is injected on the cheeck area.


Chemical Peel*

Price will be discuss during initial consultation.


*Please visit our Medical Services for the details of the above services.

​30 min - $40     60  min-$60

Pre-Natal Massage
​60 min - $75

Pre-natal massage shares many of the goals of regualr massage. But it is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing body-to help relax tensed muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation, and just make you feel good.

​60 min - $75

During fibromyualgia massage therapy, the muscles adn body tissue are rubbed and manipulated to reduce pain, ease stress and tension, increase flexibility of tissues.  The therapist uses their hands in a vareity of different techniques to perform the massage.  The massage strokes used can include kneading, rubbing, stroking and palpating the muscles.

Body Wraps


Average cost $85-$125.  Please see our menu prices.

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